Baltic Unity Day Festival

A day long non-profit event that takes place in Šiauliai city territory in a meadow. The event that recreates the atmosphere of 13th century and recognizes the unity between Latvian and Lithuanian in terms of history. The event has an educational purpose to remember the historic battle that took place near Šiauliai city in 1236 – The Battle of The Sun, and also show the cultural similarities of Lithuania and Latvia.

Grupės nariai: Silvija Ozola



SUP laisvalaikis” is a start-up business. We offer our customers’ rental of stand up paddle boards as well as guides and instructions how to use the equipment. Two hour long Stand Up Paddling (SUP) on the lake with an instructor who will show and explain basic steps and SUP techniques to get started. Suitable for beginners and children (10+) as well advanced boarders. The service starts with the selection of the suitable board, paddles and safeguard vest. Then it will proceed with instructions and demonstration of SUP techniques. Finally, customers will enjoy 2 hour long paddling on the lake. Instructor will be available during all paddling time and will ensure the safety of the customers.Stand up paddling (SUP) is sports activity originating in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. Unlike traditional surfing, stand up paddle boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards and use a paddle to propel them thorough the water. Growth of this kind of sport activity has been documented in a 2013 and currently it is the fastest growing sports in the world because it is pleasant and easy way to recreate on the water.

Grupės nariai: Evelina Korvel, Gintarė Kerienė


tastyWe are pleased to welcome you in the restaurant of the Uzbek and Caucasian cuisine «Druskininkai Memories Diner”! Our menu contains all the best that can offer abundant and generous Transcaucasia. „Business Card“ restaurant – meat dishes in a huge variety: more than 30 kinds of barbecue and kebab, khachapuri and delicious Saji, homemade baking are own cooking.. Many products are delivered to us straight from Bukhara, Kharshi and Baku – this unique spices, cheese, grape leaves, 10 kinds of jam. The highest quality products in the “ Druskininkai Memories Diner “ combined with a nice affordable prices. Small restaurant hall and several separate curtained booths reproduce the atmosphere of the southern urban courtyards 50-60x the 20th century.

Grupės nariai: Gulshoda Raimova



I choose this product because there are very less Indian restaurants in Kaunas and when I search what I see people really like Indian food that why I chose to open this restaurant in Kaunas. At Royal Indian Restaurant we have attempted to recreate the ambience, atmosphere and the flavors that make your visit very memorable. We hope your visit to Royal Indian restaurant will give you a glimpse of India and its rich cultures.Contrary to popular belief, Indian food is not and does not have to be spiced overly hot to be enjoyed. In fact, the art in Indian cookery lies in the delicacy of the spicing. In order to be able to satisfy all our patrons, we offer different levels of spicing for almost all of the items on this menu. (Mild, Medium, Hot or Indian Hot).

Grupės nariai: Satinder Pathak


shishaShisha Palace is a new concept for a hookah lounge which centers around the community aspect of smoking hookah pipes. The business will launch its first hookah bar in Vilnius within six months and endeavor to create a scalable model which can be franchised in additional urban locations. The business will earn revenues through the sale of tobacco (multiple flavors), drinks (coffee, tea, juices and e.t.c) and food (Middle Eastern and American snacks and appetizers requiring light preparation). The customers are expected to be those of Middle Eastern descent and their friends, those interested in Middle Eastern and hookah culture, and young (22-35 year old) urbanites interested in a community-oriented experience that is an alternative to bars serving alcohol and coffee shops.

Grupės nariai: Firdavs Ismadiyarov



It will be seasonal bicycle trip around Ignalina, visiting most interesting places like Ginučiai mill, Ladakalnis, Palūšė, „Žuvėdra“ amusement park.

Grupės nariai: Irmina Bieliauskaite, Matas Karoblis



Event to be given once every two months. Foreigners and residents will be able come to Vilnius, knowing that they will be able to enjoy the advantages that have an infinite number of countries. The idea is to mount this event with local food, drinks,music and dances each two months you can see the traditions of a country in question. Each month to prepare a different event, they would be about 6 events a years. Each year 6 countries are chosen and it will be preparing everything related to the chosen place.

Grupės nariai: Alvaro Vizcaino Cazorla