PolskiBus is a Polish bus company which has got national and international routes around Europe. We have created a special product for Erasmus Students who love travelling and discovering new places. Poland, Berlin, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are the places where Polskibus has got routes. So Polskibus will create an Erasmuspass for Erasmus Students who are doing an Erasmus in these places. Then, they can travel around European countries by bus. However, Erasmus students only can choose between three and eight countries; depend on the number of the countries that you want to visit, the Erasmuspass will be more or less expensive. The price for three countries will be: 30€; four countries: 40€; five countries: 55€; six countries: 70€; seven countries: 85€; and eight countries: 100€. Erasmus students will get this Erasmuspass on our official website: www.polskibus.com and also they will get it in the bus station of Poland, Berlin, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. We will promote our Erasmuspass on our official website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We will post all the information, events, offers and discounts in English. Also we will go to the Universities and we will give flyers to Erasmus Students and we will stick papers on the walls of the Universities.

Grupės nariai: Monika Zabielska, Isabel Oliver

aqua-washNowadays people live fast-paced lifestyle. Time is limited so to reach B spot from A spot as fast as possible is very important. That is one of the main reasons why majority of population have cars. As a result of that the need of carwashes increased and they are very marketable. However, to enhance marketing level in this sphere in Lithuania is necessary.

Grupės nariai: Rimantė Nemanytė, Gediminas Mickus


mergixOur marketing project is about product that will come out next year. This is an app, called Mergix – for people which helps to merge your duplicates into one in your phone book.



Grupės nariai: Žygimantas Pudžemys, Monika Pivoriūnaitė, Igor Kovaliov


Mes kuriame Migles kompanijai nauja patobulinta internetine svetaine.

Grupės nariai: Valerija Pankevič, Augustas Dovidavičius, Kasparas Dovidavičius



Improvement for Assorti shops.


Grupės nariai: Mantas Drakickas, Ernestas Taraskevic



The product is a new bar located in the city center on vokeciu gatve focusing tourists as its prime customers. i’ll be talking about different ways of marketing the product to the tourists and the locals.



Grupės nariai: Himanshu Rana